Our team would like to personally invite you to a one-on-one consultation regarding your current investment position. Too often, we see clients come in with an incomplete knowledge of their financial picture, and our challenge is that we can unearth valuable information that will help you be better informed on your financial picture than when you came in. An informed investor is a powerful investor, and with our guidance, we want to see today’s retirees and pre-retirees take control over their financial life.

Since 1996, we’ve been committed to a high level of knowledge and integrity to help our clientele meet their unique needs and objectives. We do this by providing guidance to help you develop a customized financial strategy for retirement that blends time tested theories and cutting-edge research in a way YOU are comfortable with. There is absolutely no cost or obligation. If you feel we have not provided you with at least $100 dollars worth of value after meeting with us, we will gladly present you with a $100 gift card, no questions asked.

Some of the topics we may cover are:

  • Are you and your assets protected from the rising cost of home and nursing home care?
  • Retirement Income- Are you benefiting from the latest strategies? Do you have a lifetime income plan in place?
  • Market Volatility- How do you help protect your retirement from another downturn?
  • Reduce or eliminate taxes on Social Security Income.
  • Will you outlive your retirement savings? (3 out of 5 of today’s retirees will - 2008 Study by Ernst & Young, LLC).
  • How do you structure your investments to be tax efficient?
  • Risk- Do you know what yours currently is? Have you ever measured it?
  • Do you truly understand your net rate of return (after fees and costs) on your 401k or other retirement plan?

Get a Valuable Second Opinion from an Experienced Local Financial Advisor

When we meet, we will be glad to share with you how we have helped many other area residents plan for a more secure future for themselves and their heirs. Have you done enough to determine that your investments are allocated properly for your goals, dreams, and legacy? Call today to schedule your personal appointment date and time to take the $100 dollar challenge, and plan with confidence.

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It can be difficult to make financial decisions without access to information. If you have questions or concerns about your current retirement strategy, feel free to contact us using the form below.

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